Right on Target: How and Why Employment Services Work

word-work-on-the-dices-1078874-mAspire Indiana has Employment Services teams in Anderson and Carmel.  These teams include several employment consultants.  Their job is to make matches—between job candidates and employers.

Job candidates are typically consumers of Aspire Indiana, and are referred to Employment Services by their doctor, therapist, or case manager.  They can also directly refer themselves.  Employment Services are provided at no cost to our job candidates because their services are paid through Vocational Rehabilitation Services, an Indiana state agency.  To be eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation Services, an individual must have a physical or mental impairment that results in a substantial impediment to employment.  In other words, an individual has difficulty getting or keeping employment due to his/her impairment.  Vocational Rehabilitation Services also may directly refer individuals who are not clients of Aspire Indiana to Employment Services.

The Employment Services program works by opening opportunities for individuals who have traditionally been excluded from employment, such as people who have been out of the workforce for an extended period of time, or people who need support on and off the job site to maintain employment.  The Employment Services program also provides the employer with highly effective and dependable employees.  These services are provided throughout central Indiana, but are concentrated in Boone, Delaware, Hamilton, Madison, and Marion counties.

The Employment Services program has three main goals:

  • Maximize the number of individuals working in jobs of their choice
  • Maximize the length of time that they work
  • Maximize their earnings and self-sufficiency

To achieve these goals, a well proven three step model is used with each individual and is designed to give both employer and employee the best possible outcome.

First, the job candidate and employment consultant work together to CHOOSE an employment goal.  This involves working together to thoroughly assess the individual’s background, skills, dreams, supports, etc.  Not only is a specific employment goal determined but, most importantly, the conditions under which the individual will thrive are specified.  This includes how many hours the individual will work, what days and times of day are best, length of commute, type of supervision, amount of contact with others, etc.  Once all of this is thoroughly explored with the individual, then it is time to rapidly move on to the next step.

targetSecond, the job candidate and employment consultant work together to GET the best possible job in accordance with the assessment.  Depending on the job candidate’s skills, he/she may need assistance in several areas, such as completing job applications completely and accurately, developing a quality resume, and learning what to say on interviews.  Everything possible is done to make the best match between the employer’s needs and the job candidate’s needs.

Third, once the job candidate starts working, the employment consultant works with him/her and the employer to help the employee KEEP the job.  This includes providing support to the employee on and off the job site.  The employment consultant helps the employee learn the job as well as how to deal with stress, frustration, coworkers, employers, etc, in a constructive manner so that the specifications and performance standards are met to the employer’s satisfaction.

The Employment Services program has successfully placed individuals in careers in retail, customer service, food services, hospitality, and technical areas.  Employers have also been assisted in making accommodations to enhance their employees’ performance.

-To learn more about Aspire Indiana’s Employment Services program, follow Tina Skeel on Twitter at @skeelts1, visit Aspire Indiana’s webpage at http://www.aspireindiana.org/, or visit Aspire Indiana’s Vocational Services Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AspireVocationalServices.

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