Ten Questions with Dr. Christine Liedtke

liedtke ChristineTell me a little about yourself – your background and your education.

I grew up in a suburb outside of Cleveland, Ohio. I attended an all-female college preparatory high school in Rocky River, Ohio. I received a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. I first majored in journalism, followed by philosophy, and then I found my passion – psychology! After living in Ohio for twenty-some years, I decided it was time for a change. Off I went to graduate school in Washington, D.C. where I earned my Masters of Arts and Doctor of Psychology degrees. We are required to complete a year-long internship as part of the training to be a psychologist. I again packed my bags and completed my internship at a residential treatment center for youth in East Central Indiana. I don’t see myself packing up and moving again – Indiana has definitely become my home!

How long have you worked for Aspire?

I have just celebrated two years with Aspire.

What positions have you held with Aspire?

I am an outpatient psychologist at the Carmel Outpatient office.

Describe your current position, including your responsibilities?

One of my favorite things about my position with Aspire is that I wear many hats. I work with youth, families, and adults in individual, group, and family therapy. I facilitate the adolescent dialectical behavior therapy group at our office. I supervise one practicum student from UIndy, one pre-doctoral intern from the Butler University APA-accredited internship consortium, and one doctoral-level clinician. I also participate in monthly supervisor meetings at Butler and assist in interviewing and ranking during each training year. I conduct a majority of the psychological testing for Aspire. I also review treatment plans and sign off on prior authorizations.

What does a typical day as an outpatient psychologist look like?

No two days are the same! Each day is a different ratio of the responsibilities listed above. The most “typical” characteristic of each my days is that they are busy!

What in your educational background and work experience prepared you for your current position?

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology, Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, and Doctor of Psychology Degree in Clinical Psychology. My many training opportunities in working with youth have prepared me very well. I received two years of supervised training in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia (juvenile services division). This is part of the federal court system and has very high standards for trainees. I also received supervised training at a residential treatment center for youth demonstrating oppositional, aggressive, and dangerous behaviors. It was there that I was trained to treat trauma. I have also worked in private practice with court-ordered and self-referred youth and families.

If you weren’t working in this field, what would you be doing?

Animals are my second passion, so I would probably be a veterinarian.

What is it that drew you to the field of mental health?

During high school, we had the opportunity to “get to know” a number of professions through our annual Career Day. I was amazed by the child and adolescent psychologist who spoke to us. It seemed incredible that one person, with the right training and passion, could help create lifelong change for a youth or family. I knew then that I wanted to empower families and help others experience the change process.

What impact do you feel your work has had on Aspire and its clients?

I believe that my energy and passion for serving youth and families has helped my office develop an improved understanding and appreciation for youth workers and their commitment to their patients. I also believe that every interaction we have with another person can impact them in some way. I hope that my work has created positive change for youth and families.

What things do you do to help you cope with the demands of your job?

I enjoy being outdoors! Whether I’m walking, bird watching, or taking care of my home, I’m happiest being in nature. I also have three dogs who keep me busy with throwing tennis balls, sticks, or tree limbs (one of my dogs is really big…). I enjoy reading, crossword puzzles, and watching movies that include Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon.

Dr. Christine Liedtke is a Psychologist/HSPP at Aspire Indiana. While the beliefs and opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of Dr. Liedtke, you can learn more about Aspire Indiana at https://www.facebook.com/AspireIndiana.  You can also follow Dr. Liedtke on Twitter @cmliedtke_PsyD.

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