Ten Questions with Cynthia Wright

Wright CindyTell me a little about yourself – your background and your education.

Being the youngest of five children, I wasn’t sure of my path…I finally decided to go into Social Work…but struggled to find my purpose in the field. I tried working with the older population, teenagers, moms with new babies, and supervision and management, but nothing seemed to satisfy me. I knew I loved helping people, so began I going to more and more training to help me find out what areas I enjoyed the most. I have always had a passion for working with women that had trauma, and when I researched more on Cognitive Behavior Therapy, I found new ways to work with this population – a way that the clients seem to appreciate. At Brown Street I have been able to add substance abuse to my training, and even been able to do the dual diagnosis Seeking Safety group for women who have trauma and substance abuse.

How long have you worked for Aspire? 

I have worked for Aspire since December 2010.

What positions have you held with Aspire? 

I have been an Outpatient Director and an Outpatient Therapist.

Describe your current position, including your responsibilities?

As an Outpatient Therapist at Brown Street, I work mostly with women who have trauma. I also work with substance abuse clients as well.

What does a typical day as an Outpatient Therapist look like? 

My day usually consists of seeing clients individually and doing groups. I also complete reports to referring agencies on clients’ progress.

What in your educational background and work experience prepared you for your current position? 

I have a Bachelor and Master degree in Social Work, but my passion for working with women in trauma comes from my first position in 1988 with a battered women’s shelter, which prepared me the most for what I am doing today.

If you weren’t working in this field, what would you be doing? 

I’d be working at a bank.

What is it that drew you to the field of mental health?

A close friend shared with me that this would be a good fit for me. I didn’t even know that social work was a field at the time.

What impact do you feel your work has had on Aspire and its clients? 

I motivate and empower my clients to use the tools given them to learn to love themselves. They “aspire” to be more than they are right now. We work on forgiveness of our past, living for each day as it is and not focusing on the future. I assist them in developing safe ways to cope with the anxiety and mood swings that most individuals have due to their trauma, and I encourage them to find others in their life that support their recovery.

What things do you do to help you cope with the demands of your job? 

I do not take my work home with me. I remind myself and my clients that it is up to them to move forward with their recovery, and that my job is to give them the tools to do this. I give them as many as I can so they can decide what will work for them. I also am a single mom, so that keeps me busy. I read and watch movies every day that help me to laugh, cry, and relax.

Cynthia Wright is an Outpatient Therapist at Aspire Indiana. While the beliefs and opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of Ms. Wright, you can learn more about Aspire Indiana at https://www.facebook.com/AspireIndiana.

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