About Us: Aspire Indiana Health

11231744_991431120876303_1107317938872529402_nAbout Our New Health Center

Aspire Indiana Health believes in treating the whole person. This is accomplished by integrating physical, mental and social well-being into our service design. By adding primary health care to our current services, we enhance our commitment to our clients and our community. The addition of primary care seeks to give all individuals convenient access to a medical provider, and someplace to call “my medical home.”

My name is Syd Ehmke, and I have been a family nurse practitioner for over 20 years. This is an exciting opportunity for me to be able to help fulfill the mission of Aspire by bringing quality healthcare to communities with regard for patient’s schedules, educational needs, resources, and overall health and well being.

Aspire’s first full-time health center is located at 215 West 19th Street, Anderson, IN 46016.

Office hours are 8:00am – 4:30pm


What’s the Address?

215 West 19th Street, Anderson IN 46016

What’s the Phone Number?

Main Line: (765) 393-3891

Fax: (765) 393-3892

How Do I Make an Appointment?

Appointments can be made through Access, the front office of any Aspire Office, or by calling the Health Center directly. For patients who are new to the Health Center, 1 hour of time will be scheduled. For follow up visits, 30 minutes will be scheduled.

Who works at the Health Center?

11227923_991431160876299_4252221657527304164_nSyd Ehmke, Chief Operations Officer and NP for Aspire Indiana Health

Jerry Sheward, Medical Director

Stephanie Wilson, NP

Elizabeth Hanrahan, NP (Carmel office)

Diana Filburn, RN

Erika Keevin, RN

Fran Eshelman, MA

Is the Center open to the public or does it only serve current Aspire consumers?

Our Health Center is open to the public. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to be seen in our Health Center.

What are the hours of operation?

We are currently open between the hours of 8:00am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday.

What if  I need to make an appointment for the same day?

Same day appointments and walk in appointments will be available. Staff know that you cannot always plan an appointment time and they will  be very flexible for your schedule

11403500_991431157542966_3287593734682233859_nWhat kinds of services are provided?

Aspire Indiana Health believes in treating the whole person by integrating physical, mental, and social well-being. It is through this mission that Aspire has now added primary health care services, and continues to offer all other services for which Aspire is widely known. Primary health care services include, but are not limited to, wellness care of infants through elderly patients, acute illness care for conditions such as for bronchitis or allergies, chronic care needs such as diabetes or high blood pressure, and routine gynecological services. Simple office procedures are also available, and may include draining of an abscess or removal of a mole.


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