Blogging for Health: Flu Shots

Photo credit: Stuart Mile sscreations via

Photo credit: Stuart Mile sscreations via

It’s that scary time of the year again…goblins, ghouls, and…flu shots!  Yes, it is time to get your flu shot. But getting the flu shot is not the scary part ….the scary part is NOT getting the shot!

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), from 1976 through 2006, a period of 30 years, deaths related to the flu ranged from over 3,000 to nearly 49,000 per year. You can tell by the range these numbers that the flu is unpredictable, and we will never know for sure if it is going to be  a “good” or “bad” year for the flu. That is why it is recommended that we all get a flu  shot every year.

Credit: Mister GC via

Credit: Mister GC via

The influenza virus can be a very serious illness that can cause a week or two of symptoms –  extreme body aches and coughing, both exhausting and miserable. Even worse, there are some patients that are at-risk of dying from influenza because they are more susceptible to illness.  Those most at-risk include the elderly, the young, pregnant women, and those with underlying chronic health issues such as diabetes, COPD, or asthma. Parents of infants and small children should also vaccinate themselves against the flu to help prevent their young children and infants from contracting the illness. Chemotherapy patients or other immunocompromised patients should also be vaccinated.

Did you know that you (or others around you at home, work, or church) can be contagious one day before you

Photo credit: stockimages via

Photo credit: stockimages via

even have symptoms of the flu? With this in mind, you may not even know you are passing your germs around…or if someone is passing them on to you!

See how not getting your flu vaccine can be scary? Contact Aspire Indiana Health for your influenza vaccine today.  



You can visit us at one of these locations:

215 West 19th Street
Anderson, IN 46016

10731 SR 13 Elwood, IN 46036

To Good Health,

Syd Ehmke, FNP, COO, Aspire Indiana Health

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