Blogging for Health – The New Year

January 2016


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Many health articles talk about new year’s resolutions: time to make a change, start the new year off right, etc. While these are possibly good motivational thoughts for you, does this help you carry that new year’s resolution into February?

Good health and making changes need to be more than suggestions from a news article, or even your health care provider. Change happens when you understand the importance of why the change is needed. And, is it a reasonable change that you can accomplish?


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For example, you may know that you need to lose weight because being obese is not healthy.  Did you know that every 5 pounds of weight loss takes away 20 pounds of pressure on your knees? So if you are someone who has knee problems, look at weight loss as therapeutic for your knee pain.  And don’t look at needing to lose all 50 pounds; know that losing 5 pounds should be the goal. Then, when you meet that goal, make it your new goal to lose another 5 pounds.


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Sometimes things that we want to change can seem overwhelming. Take tobacco smoking for example. You may have tried to quit smoking in the past and just couldn’t do it. Maybe you tried because your Mom wanted you to, or your girlfriend wanted you to. Maybe you weren’t quite ready to stop. Just because it didn’t work the last 2 times doesn’t mean it won’t work now.  When you don’t compete the goal we are striving for, use it as a learning opportunity. The next time you try, learn from previous attempts about what went wrong, and what went right. This will work with anything you are trying to change.


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So with the new year, or even in the middle of the year, there is no better time to make a change to improve your health. The providers at Aspire Indiana Health will be happy to help you make improvements in your health and reach your healthcare goals whatever they may be!

You can visit us at one of these locations:

215 West 19th Street
Anderson, IN 46016

10731 SR 13 Elwood, IN 46036

To Good Health!

Syd Ehmke, NP

COO, Aspire Indiana Health

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