Blogging for Health: Expanded Services and Feedback

Happy spring to you all! Things have been very busy at Aspire Indiana Health since I last wrote this blog. We have expanded services that include hours at our Carmel and Willowbrook locations. For those of you familiar with Aspire Behavioral Health programs-  primary care is located within the Aspire Behavioral Health office sites. Educational offerings have also been added that include diet/My Plate instruction, smoking cessation and lung volume testing. As we strive to make your healthcare experience a “one stop shop”, we will continue to expand and improve services.

One way to improve services is to listen to feedback. When you come to Aspire Indiana Health for an office visit- we want to know what you think. In providing health care services, we  have a strong commitment to our consumers to make their experience meaningful, educational and timely. When those goals fall short, we need to hear about it.  When you come to Aspire Indiana Health, we have the opportunity to share with you how you can improve your health. We want your opinion about how we can improve as well.

So when you visit one the the four Aspire Indiana Health offices, please tell us what you think. We have made recent changes to the survey that includes a place for your comments. We have made it available on the IPad in the exam room for your convenience, but still keeping it anonymous for your privacy. You can even reach out to me directly at the below email address for any comments, questions, or concerns.  

Aspire’s New Health Centers

Call today for an appointment at 765-393-3891 or 1-877-574-1254
We’re located at 215 West 19th Street, Anderson, IN
10731 SR 13,  Elwood,  IN
697 Pro-Med Lane, Carmel, IN
2506 Willowbrook Parkway, Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN

For more information go to our website at

To Good Health,


Syd Ehmke, FNPEhmke Sydney 2015

COO, Aspire Indiana Health

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