“As Seen On TV”

When I think of outlandish claims, the phrase “As seen on TV” instantly comes to mind. Whether it’s indestructible hoses, pajama jeans, sauna pants or anything else “As seen on TV”, they claim to be the latest and greatest items you couldn’t live without. The loud and flashy commercials, unsettlingly happy actors, and promises of incredible value lure you in. In your mind you’re thinking, “I know it can’t be as good as promised…can it?” We’ve all fallen prey to these sales pitches at some point in our lives, only to be disappointed when reality fails to live up to expectations.

As I reflected on my first 120 days, I jotted down a list of words I felt described my time with Aspire, along with a list of meaningful events. What I discovered was quite intriguing. The words I was choosing aligned perfectly with the Aspire Values that Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Barb Scott has been writing about over the last several months.

In my first 120 days, I have seen an organization that believes passionately in the potential of its PEOPLE, both its employees and the individuals we serve. I have seen this through the stories of folks being promoted through the organization, through the interest others have shown in my personal development, encouragement, and the belief that recovery is possible for our clients. 

In my first 120 days, I have seen my coworkers display countless acts of INTEGRITY through hard work, honesty, vulnerability, and dedication. The culture here has been to do things well, and to do it the right way, with character and integrity.

In my first 120 days, I have experienced so much LAUGHTER! The friendly banter, seeing my coworkers dressed up for May Day, hilarious pranks, and a relaxed atmosphere has made laughter abundant.

In my first 120 days, I have been immersed in LEARNING. Aspire has so many moving parts and is impacting lives through so many different ways. As a grant writer, I have the privilege of learning about all of these moving pieces and have the joy of sharing their successes with others. This isn’t just a first 120 day experience. Through Director of Training, Clinical Supervision & Outcomes Mike Gray’s training sessions, professional conferences, webinars, and collaborative teams, Aspire employees are always learning.

In my first 120 days, I have felt the weight of ACCOUNTABILITY. Those we serve deserve our best. At Aspire, we are all responsible for the success of our organization. It is a fast paced environment with lots of challenges to overcome. We are all yoked together in this work. Personal accountability is important, but just as important is the teamwork I have seen that helps everyone be successful.  

In my first 120 days, I have seen an organization that values RELATIONSHIPS. Birthday cards, celebratory parties, pitch-ins for sick and hurting employees, and lunches with coworkers are just a few of the ways I have seen Aspire employees live out the Value of Relationships and serve one another in love.

When I came to Aspire 120 days ago, I had heard some “As seen on TV” quality claims. What I have discovered in my short time here is that we truly are “Together…making health and well-being a reality!” The values Aspire upholds as essential to our organization have tangible manifestations in the workplace and actively inform and direct they way we conduct our work. Aspire has been everything I had hoped for and more; there is no “buyer’s remorse”!
When I chose to come to Aspire I was looking for a place that was making a difference in the community and where I could make have a meaningful impact. At Aspire I have found both.

About the Author: Kevin Sheward, MBA, is a grant writer with Aspire Indiana. Learn more about Aspire Indiana on Facebook or at its website.


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6 Responses to “As Seen On TV”

  1. Nicole says:

    Thanks Kevin for your early insights! I celebrate your 120-day milestone, but frankly have forgotten you are new here. You have already made such an impact on us! Glad you’re part of the Aspire family and are truly making a difference!

  2. Barbara Scott says:

    Oops, I don’t know how I posted my comment above as Nicole. Now THAT is funny!

  3. Love this Blog, Kevin! Thank you for being a mentor to me during my first “120 Days”! I have been here only 10 days and I already share many of your sentiments about Aspire Indiana. Love it!

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