Integrity–A Personal Code of Conduct

binocularsWelcome back to my blog!  In the space between my last Blog in May and this one, I lost a little steam.  This is the fifth blog post in a series of six that focus on the Aspire Values.  Ironically, this one is on Integrity.  At Aspire, we define Integrity as “doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.”

So let me do the right thing by fulfilling my commitment to writing this blog, even if no one is reading!

Integrity isn’t about following rules; it is a personal code of conduct, defined by one’s values. Integrity means living out your values without regard to how it reflects on you.

Organizations can also be intentional about its values.. Aspire has done that with its PILLAR values – People, Integrity, Laughter, Learning, Accountability, Relationships. I recently attended an executive roundtable led by Jim Schleckser, an author who advises leaders and companies. He said that an organization’s values help all employees know what to do when there is no one to ask. It is how we manage the ‘white space’ or what I would refer to as the behaviors and actions that are not covered in rules, policies, procedures and written codes of conduct. This is a great extension of our value of integrity–doing the right thing when no one is looking or when there is no one to ask!

So, next time you encounter a difficult situation at work where your behaviors are totally up to you, ask yourself, “Am I living out the Aspire Values?” If you can’t confidently say yes, consider an alternative behavior, even if it is the more difficult action! Notice how you feel. Living intentionally is powerful!
While Integrity is personal and not meant to be bragged about, we didn’t say anything about not bragging on each other! Remember, we have a NEW recognition program at Aspire called, “Way to Go!” This is an opportunity for Aspire employees to recognize each other, and for the community to recognize Aspire staff for outstanding work. Everyone can find the recognition form on our website, under “Way to Go!” and Aspire employees can also find it in the Aspire App under “People”. Aspire, I encourage you to be on the lookout for integrity in the workplace, along with our other values, and don’t hesitate to recognize and celebrate each other!


bios_scottAbout the Author: Barbara Scott is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Aspire Indiana. Learn more about Aspire Indiana on Facebook or at its website.

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One Response to Integrity–A Personal Code of Conduct

  1. Thank you Barb for taking the time to expound upon our Aspire values! As a new employee this has been extremely helpful to put deeper meaning behind our PILLAR.

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