Preventing Infant Death

Aspire Indiana Health Inc recently received it first ever grant!  And what a better grant than to work with our community partners to help decrease the infant mortality rate in Indiana!  Read all about our plans for this grant from the Indiana State Department of Health here.

Infant mortality is defined as the death of a baby before the age of one. There are many reasons why babies die early, and it is our mission at Aspire Indiana Health to help stop this tragedy from occurring.  

The first reason for infant mortality that we would like to educate our readers about is SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This has also been called “crib” death. There is a lot we do not know about this mysterious phenomenon, but there are a few things that we do know that are important to pass on to you. Whether you are a baby sitter, grandma, mom, dad, brother, cousin or sister, you may, at some time, put a baby to bed and should know some ways to help prevent SIDS. Here are some helpful tips:

1) Always put your baby to sleep on his or her back.

2) Don’t use bumper pads on the crib.

3) No blankets, pillows, or stuffed animals in the crib with your baby.

4) Never let your baby sleep on a soft surface like a pillow, sheepskin, couch or recliner.

5) Never put your baby in your bed with you or anyone else.

5) Sit upright and be awake when feeding baby.  

When you come to see the healthcare providers at Aspire Indiana Health, don’t be surprised if they bring a baby doll into the room and demonstrate putting a baby “back to sleep”.  This is how serious we are about helping to reduce the tragedy of infant death from occurring.

Until next time…. and to good health!


Syd Ehmke, NP

COO, Aspire Indiana Health Inc.

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One Response to Preventing Infant Death

  1. Lonnie Parizek says:

    Congratulations, that is great news! In my former position as communications director for The Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida, I developed a statewide public awareness campaign called Sleep Right, Sleep Tight to help promote safe infant sleep. We allowed several other states to adapt our research-based materials (PSAs, brochures, tip sheets) free of charge to help them address infant mortality. You can find the campaign materials at: If you are interested in adapting these materials, or learning more about the research that went into the development of the materials, contact Jenifer Hartshone at

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