Healthy Babies start with Healthy Moms

Aspire Indiana Health’s Syd Ehmke Continues her Series on Infant Mortality Prevention 

February, 2017

Greetings and Happy Valentine’s Day!  Like you, I have people in my life that I love and sometimes even give valentines to….. my husband and my kids. Having children was always a big dream of mine. I remember before I even got pregnant, having a regular medical exam and my doctor asking me if I wanted to have children. “Yes I can’t wait!,” I said.  And he said, “Well then you might want to lose some weight.”

I can remember thinking at the time that it was an odd comment. I mean, this was 30 years ago….long before I became a nurse practitioner or knew anything or thought anything about my health and how it was related to my future baby’s health. However, research shows us that he was exactly right!  Did you know that obesity can cause preeclampsia, miscarriage and gestational diabetes when you are pregnant?  And did you know that if you are diabetic and your blood sugars are not well controlled, that your baby can be born with birth defects like Down syndrome?  

And did you also know that smoking can cause low birth weight, preterm labor and preterm delivery….all of which are risk factors for infant death before the age of one? Aspire Indiana Health wants to help decrease the infant mortality rate in Madison County and help Mommy be healthy through weight control, smoking cessation and management of chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes) even before she becomes pregnant!

So contact the providers at Aspire Indiana Health and find out more about how we can help you have a healthy baby.  Healthy babies love healthy mommies- and that is what this month is all about!

Read more about Aspire Indiana Health’s program to reduce infant mortality in Madison County here.

To good health!


Syd Ehmke, NP

COO, Aspire Indiana Health Inc.

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One Response to Healthy Babies start with Healthy Moms

  1. kevinsheward says:

    Looking forward to seeing more news from the Safety Pin grant in the next few years at Aspire!

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