Aspire Indiana is a fully integrated health system that addresses all aspects of health including primary care, behavioral health, and the social determinants of health such as housing and employment. Our journey into integrated care started about a dozen years ago when we became the very first community mental health center in the nation to receive grant funds from HRSA. Since then, we have been branded as an innovator by our peers and a leader in health care reform. We are finding our way forward as we look to become an FQHC, but don’t see ourselves as merely opening up a health center, we see ourselves as becoming a large integrated care entity that includes all the aspects of healthcare mentioned above.

We are a business of people. We provide services for people by people. Without a strong partnership with our employees, we could accomplish nothing. That’s why we want our employees to have healthy lives as well. This includes a job that pays well, a culture that supports a positive daily experience and work-life balance, and opportunities for professional growth and community service. We are committed to making this a reality for our employees. Along with integrating our services and delighting our customers, engaging our employees is one of our top three priorities.

Our new Vision and Mission statements take us out of the niche market of behavioral health, bypasses Primary Care as we know it, and plops us right at the forefront of Integrated Care. We want to set the standards, set the bar. While our story is complex, we wanted our mission to be simple.  Everything we do is about our mission: Together…making health and well-being a reality!


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