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AIDS Walk Converts Curmudgeon

Who hugs people nowadays?

As it turns out, nearly everyone. That was at least my perception at the AIDS Walk. All around me were people hugging people, sharing smiles and spirit. Continue reading

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Health Screening Changes to Know About

April 10, 2017 Hello again!   You may be wondering about the health screenings that are recommended for someone of your age and gender. Who comes up with the recommendations? How do they know what is needed, what is necessary? … Continue reading

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Sharing Ideas with Aspire’s Consumer Advisory Committee

Aspire’s Jim Skeel shares his thoughts on the organization’s interactions with its Consumer Advisory Committee. Continue reading

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Prevention, Preventative, and Treatment- What is the Difference?

There are several examples of testing and therapies that Aspire Indiana Health uses to prevent disease. Our focus at Aspire Indiana Health is to see you for “preventive” visits instead of “treatment” visits. Continue reading

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Antibiotics: A Balancing Act

A mother brings her 2 year old boy to see their health care provider after the baby has been sick for a day. After examining the baby, the clinician assesses that this is likely a viral illness and recommends rest … Continue reading

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Healthy Babies start with Healthy Moms

Aspire Indiana Health’s Syd Ehmke Continues her Series on Infant Mortality Prevention  February, 2017 Greetings and Happy Valentine’s Day!  Like you, I have people in my life that I love and sometimes even give valentines to….. my husband and my … Continue reading

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Personal Experience As a Therapy Tool

My name is Teresa Baker and I have lived with a serious mental illness for as long as I can remember. I know everyone’s experience with mental illness is different, but one thing we do share is that we fight … Continue reading

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