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AIDS Walk Converts Curmudgeon

Who hugs people nowadays?

As it turns out, nearly everyone. That was at least my perception at the AIDS Walk. All around me were people hugging people, sharing smiles and spirit. Continue reading

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Sharing Ideas with Aspire’s Consumer Advisory Committee

Aspire’s Jim Skeel shares his thoughts on the organization’s interactions with its Consumer Advisory Committee. Continue reading

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HIV Outbreak in Southeastern Indiana

State health officials recommend that all Hoosiers know their HIV status through testing at a health care facility. Hoosiers in the southeastern portion of the state, especially individuals who have engaged in high-risk behavior such as needle sharing and unprotected … Continue reading

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Ten Questions with Julie Foltz

Tell me a little about yourself – your background and your education. I’m a lifelong resident of Anderson, Indiana.  I thought I always wanted to be an elementary school teacher or a nurse, but ended up taking another path in … Continue reading

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