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Suicide Risk: Clinical Training

In my last post I wrote about Aspire’s BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of 0 after 5 (zero suicides after 5 years), in a post titled, “0 in 5: Our Suicide Goal”. In that post I outlined our 5 steps … Continue reading

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The Big Lens Video Contest

Sometimes a fresh perspective is needed to find insight, solve a long standing problem, or to rejuvenate the mind. Here at Aspire we work hard to tell our story in ways that are relevant to you and through mediums that are easily … Continue reading

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Blogging for Health: Expanded Services and Feedback

Happy spring to you all! Things have been very busy at Aspire Indiana Health since I last wrote this blog. We have expanded services that include hours at our Carmel and Willowbrook locations. For those of you familiar with Aspire … Continue reading

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Our Aspire Indiana FQHC Story

Our story began in 2003 when the Center for Mental Health was the first Community Mental Health Center in the United States to be awarded a HRSA integration grant…. But a lot has changed since 2003. First and foremost is our understanding … Continue reading

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Love in the Workplace?

Aspire is undergoing both an organizational and cultural change. It is so exciting to belong to a company that is attending to its people at the same time it is broadening its business strategy.  As the vision statement reads, we … Continue reading

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How do I approach change? As part of an organization undergoing a complete transformation, I know of no better way to start preparing myself than to consider how I can be valuable in this massive change effort. I gave intentional … Continue reading

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Blogging for Health: Health Screenings

Hello again!   You may be wondering about the health screenings that are recommended for someone of your age and gender. Who comes up with the recommendations? How do they know what is needed, what is necessary? This month’s, we’ll … Continue reading

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